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How to: Troubleshooting AC unit leaking from the ceiling

How to: Troubleshooting AC unit leaking from the ceiling

If your air conditioner is leaking from the sealing, the first thing you want to do is turn off your air conditioner so there is no risk of further damage to it or harming yourself during its inspection.

Second, you want to check  if there is a problem with your condensation pan. The condensation pan can have one of two problems – one, it could have a crack in it or be broken in some way, or two, it could be growing algae and causing problems by overflow. Check your condensation pan by getting a flashlight and checking for these problems first. If you see that algae is growing in the pan, clean it! This will get rid of the leak. If there is no algae growing, then check to see if there is a crack. Any crack can be fixed with an epoxy glue, but it is far more beneficial to get a new replacement pan instead.

If the pan appears to be fine, then the next problem can be with a clog in the line. A clog in the line of your air conditioning unit can cause the condensation to back up and leak. If there is a clog and you can clean it, then go for it! If it’s in a hard-to-reach place or you’re not comfortable with cleaning it, calling an experienced technician can always be a help.

If the condensation line and pan are both fine, then you could have a problem with a clogged filter. This can be avoided by changing the filter on a regular basis. If this is the problem, then it’s also the easiest fix since there is no cleaning involved, just replacing.

However, if none of these problems seem to be causing the leak from your air conditioner, it’s best to get a professional to look at it and see what the real issue is.

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