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Indoor Air Quality Testing NJ


air quality testing nj

The air in your home may be more contaminated than the air outside your home. The Environmental Protection Agency of the United States reports that indoor levels of several contaminants may be 25 to 100 times more than outdoor levels. Indoor air quality testing NJ by qualified and approved companies can make out the root causes of indoor air contamination. All Week Air Conditioning carries out the comprehensive sampling checks for mold, radon, carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, poly chlorinated biphenyls, particles from wood-burning fireplaces, furnaces and stoves, and common allergens and offers an effective solution to eliminate these pollutants.

Why performing air quality testing for your home?

Insufficient ventilation, mold, chemicals, bacteria, pest infestation, radon, and renovations can have an effect on the air quality in a home or commercial building. If irritants continue, you may have a sick structure on your hands. The consequence can be the lost output and elevated absenteeism. Several factors can contribute to the deprived indoor air quality and it is wise to identify them all.

The job of All Week Air Conditioning is to decide the root causes of your indoor air quality problem and suggest ways to resolve them at affordable prices. We review several situations that can be contributing to the discomfort of your tenants or your family members including:

  •  Toxins.
  •  Molds.
  •  Polluted or insufficient HVAC systems.
  •  Odors.
  •  Water damage.
  •  Radon.
  •  Chemicals.

If you believe you have got an indoor air quality problem, give us a call and we are always available to help you.  Our experts include licensed mold examiners, certified by the only board documentation in the United States, the American Council for Accredited Certification.

The customized indoor air quality testing NJ of All Week Air Conditioning will decide the root causes of your exact air quality issue in both your home and office. We will supply a detailed report with suggestions on the way to resolve your exact issues. Once the proposal is completed, we can confirm that the condition was effectively resolved.

The aim of the indoor air quality testing NJ of All Week Air Conditioning is to help you in understanding and taking appropriate steps to improve your indoor air quality from start to finish. As our indoor air quality testing services are sternly restricted to ecological testing and consulting, and never remediation, you are rest guaranteed of an exact and impartial assessment.

Call All Week Air Conditioning today to plan an indoor air quality and radon test in your home or office.

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