Recognizing & Troublshooting AC Electrical Problems

Recognizing & Troublshooting AC Electrical Problems

It’s generally hard to guess whether your AC issues are caused by the wiring or by some other problem.

One indicator to AC electrical problems is a higher electrical bill than usual.

One way to find our for sure if the root cause of your AC problem, is the proper troubleshooting.

These are some of the common parts and problems that lead to system failure due to electrical issues.


Every ac has electrical parts transmitting power to other parts of the unit.
In case the system’s wires turn loose over time or with excessive wear, power flow to those parts will get disrupt.


Fuses should be kept clean to insure an easy electricity flow. Lack of proper system maintenance, cause debris accumulation that blocks fuses connection.


capacitors store charges and regulates the power to an ac system.

When a capacitor fails, recurring AC electrical problems happen.


If wires get more electricity than they supposed to handle, they short out.

This mostly happens when wires weaken over time, and can block the electrical flow to the unit causing a fire hazard.

If your ac unit is acting up on a hot day, and you’re not sure if the cause might be electrical or not, contact an All Week certified hvac we’ll identify the problem’s root cause and get your system back to work quickly!