How to: Troubleshooting ac condenser making loud noise

How to: Troubleshooting ac condenser  making loud noise

First, identify the kind of noise it is making.

AC condenser Loud Screeching or Squealing:

For a loud screeching or squealing you could have one of two problems: a bad belt, or a bad motor. If you have a bad belt, replacing it is the best option. You want to do this before it snaps because once your belt goes, your fan will stop turning. If your belts are fine, it’s likely that you want to treat your motor with some oil. Some AC units are easy to grease up, others are sealed. Check to see that you can properly administer the grease before trying to do it on your own. If not, calling a professional is your best bet. Also make sure to use the correct oil – simple household oils aren’t strong enough (e.g. – WD40).

AC condenser Loud Rattling or Banging:

If there is a loud rattling or banging in your outside condenser it could mean that something is loose. Make certain that you turn off your air conditioner before you take a look to keep yourself safe. If there is something loose it could either be in the fan or certain components of the motor. Always check with your manual to see what common problems might be and how to troubleshoot them. If you cannot see or get to the item that is rattling or banging around, call a professional immediately. All Week AC is fully trained to handle all problems with your outdoor condenser.

AC condenser A ‘Whacking’ or ‘Thwapping’ noise:

This could mean that something is stuck inside the blades of your condenser. Make sure that you turn the AC off to protect yourself and then check to make sure there are no branches, lines, or cords going through the fan blades. If anything is obstructing your fan, it can cause more problems than you could think of. If you can remove the object on your own, do so carefully. If not, call a professional immediately! Leaving something in your AC can eventually bring it to ruin.