All Week COVID – 19 Response

To all our esteemed customers:

As our daily life continues to be affected by the novel epidemic Coronavirus (COVID-19), in different ways. We assure our clients, businesses and homeowners alike that, we are fully aware of the serious health challenges presented by the Corona virus and that we’re up to date with the current progression of the pandemic in our state. We took precautionary measures in order to keep our technicians and our clients as well safe and healthy throughout these challenging times.

We Are Available, Fully Staffed, Safe And Ready 24/7 To Assist With Any Hvac Problems!

As more people are staying home all day during this hot summer, hvac and air conditioning systems are under pressure, being in use for a long duration of time!
This summer and during the Covid pandemic, there’s no change to our operating hours as our team is operating 24/7. We are also doing our best possible to monitor the Coronavirus situation and follow all CDC directives to prevent the spread of the virus, and protect our clients and employees on every job.

Our Technicians Are Essential Service Providers.

Any of our technicians visiting your home or business will adhere strictly to high standards of cleanliness and Covid safety. We are always safety conscious and great hygiene at all times.
In order for us to insure you’re the safety of our clients, our technicians are instructed to keep up with disinfecting measures and strict cleaning measures to ensure a safe work space. We also, strictly adhere to all Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines to prevent spread of virus.

Here are some of the guidelines and measures:

  • We wear personal protective equipment on every job
  • We avoid physical contact including; handshakes, hugs etc. We will use non-contact methods of greeting.
  • We practice social distancing as much as we possibly can
  • We thoroughly wash hands with soap for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  • We use hand sanitizer frequently.
  • We keep masks and gloves on at all times.
  • We apply disinfectants to clean touchpoints in workspaces, all our equipment and vehicles.
  • We sanitize all shared devices like pens and tablets.
  • Clients use their own pen to sign all paperwork at all times.

For all calls and inquiries, our customer support line is available to answer your questions and meet all your needs. In order to give our clients and potential customers a safe experience, we have introduced the following precautions:

  • Our service technicians and customer service will ask if anyone in your home or business premises has any symptom of illness.
  • All requests from clients seeking to keep safe distance from our technicians will be honored.
  • Our personnel are aware of the risks and symptoms of illness. Any one feeling possible signs of the virus will stay at home and get a medical evaluation.
  • You can be sure that we will conduct ourselves in a professional manner and dependability through this trying period.

Contact us if you need more clarifications or have concerns about our safety procedures and precautions or opening hours during this period. Be aware that the COVID -19 situation is changing every day, and as such, we will adjust accordingly in order to give the best service to all communities that we serve including ensuring the safety of our clients and staff.