The Disadvantages of DIY on Your AC or HVAC unit


Do It Yourself projects are all the rage now, with people rushing to and fro to get things done themselves and even more people posting DIY videos online to ‘help’ people save money. The truth is, however, that this just isn’t safe when it comes to handling your air conditioner or HVAC unit.

So as Hvac experts intending to clarify the dangers of DIY when it comes to air conditioning, we’ve come up with a list of things that could go wrong and listed them below:

You Can Cause Harm to Yourself

Firstly, if you haven’t worked with ACs or HVAC units before, you run the risk of harming yourself. Even if you have the most detailed explanation from some self-professed ‘professional’ on Youtube, going into your own HVAC unit and tinkering around without knowing all the safety parameters can lead you straight to the ER. Without the proper tools or diagnostic equipment, you can’t safely determine the problem and fix it – and on top of that, you run the risk of coming into contact with some potentially hazardous chemicals without the proper safety equipment to shield you. Carbon monoxide leaks, fires, the risk of getting a chemical burn, or the reduction of indoor air quality can seriously harm you and your family.

System Damage and Warranty Destruction

If you haven’t had extensive training on how to handle your HVAC unit and any possible problems that could arise from tinkering around in it, you run the risk of damaging the system itself. One wrong movement of a coil or part could offset the entire machine, causing it to either work harder, not as well, or completely ruin your air conditioner. Not to mention the warranty could be completely nullified by breaking the seal on your HVAC unit.

Wasted Money and Time

You think you’re saving money by doing this yourself, but the truth of the matter is by tackling this job without a professional, you end up paying more for parts you probably don’t need and will more than likely spend more time than necessary on the project, successfully reducing your personal quality time.

This could, in the end, lead you to spending even more money to fix a botched DIY job when you could’ve spent half that money just hiring a professional. Most contractors work with parts companies and HVAC manufacturers, meaning that they get discounts on parts, equipment, and even entire systems. This allows them to offer their services at a far cheaper price than it would be to find the items and buy them on your own.

Don’t risk it; hire a professional and get the work done quickly, correctly, and for a low cost!