Cost to Install an Air Handler – Notes and General Information

Trade professionals conversant with MID GRADE materials can use the following estimates as BASIC work performed in service conditions. There will be higher costs and expenses for projects, material quantities, labour and work supervision not referred to in this estimate. You can access a fuller material price for air exchanger new installations labour options here.

It is advisable to get in touch with professional hvac technician to give you exact and precise quotation based on a thorough assessment for any project before any major decision is taken, as the estimates presented below is only an effort based on previous experiences with air handler replacement cases, and may NOT be substitutes for written quotes obtainable from a local professionals hvac contractor.

The cost estimates generally covers:

  • Costs for procurement of materials and equipment, transportation to and from site location with that of service provider.
  • Cost to cover preparation of work program/worksite for installation of Air Handler, any cost incurred by protecting existing buildings, materials, components and finishes on site.
  • Cost for cleaning and removal of debris, dirt and other un-needed materials after project completion.
  • Cost for hourly charges, mobilization and labour fees usually required for Air Handler installation works.

The cost estimates SHOULD NOT include:

  • Costs from other repairs, moving/relocating, HVAC works, electrical and cabling jobs, framing, plumbing systems, modification and with making the system compliance with building codes.
  • Costs for getting laboratory test for hazardous elements like lead, asbestos and remediation.
  • Cost for Supervision, contractor overhead and organization for the Air Handler installation. If you’re likely to use a general contractor for supervision, allow for 15%-22% of total cost.
  • Sales tax on supplies and materials.
  • Include cost for local building permit as required by your local building department.