How Timely Quality Repairs, Can Increase Air Conditioning System Efficiency

There are several times in a year when the air conditioning system runs all through the day. Notwithstanding, air conditioning and heating are indispensable for a conducive habitation, but the thought of bills never stops to flood our heads.

This is especially true if you are putting off air conditioning repairs when you Penelope on air conditioning repairs, it leads to even more problems more energy outlays, wear on air conditioning system increases, low and irregular functioning, low indoor air quality leading to exponential damages. Here are some crucial routine check up for air conditioning systems.

Taking Care Of Air Duct Leaks Right On Time

This is the most common of air conditioning system repairs; air ducts leaks must be corrected as soon as possible. Your utility bills are about to skyrocket if your air conditioning system has air ducts with leaks or tears. Conditioned air passes through the air ducts, generally placed in the attic. The attic temperature will easily get to a triple digit especially during summer times.

When conditioned air flows through the air ducts, attic air may enter via the leaks and tears, thereby reheating cooled air. At this stage, your air conditioning system is now forced to work contrary to the attic temperature, cooling three times or more, just to get to the number you have set on the thermostat.

Taking Care Of Condenser Unit Issues

The condenser unit is a box that stays outside. Its main responsibility is to compress the refrigerant, an essential gas that enhances heating and cooling. When this unit experiences a problem, the whole air conditioning functions come to a halt.

Some of the problems include Bad control board, Wrong pressure settings, Bad capacitors, and Faulty wiring. Although the main air system may continue running, air will not be conditioned. Causing the central air to work continuously, using energy without any result.

Taking Care Of Burnt Fans and Motor Cases

If your motors or fans are bad, some amount of air may become cool but will be stored in the air duct system or central air system and not in your house.

During this process, the thermostat continues to read the air temperature of the room and tries to change it by restarting the air conditioning system. Unfortunately, all that happens is that energy is used and no air is cooled resulting in frozen evaporator coils, overheated parts and water pooling in places a


To protect your home and the efficiency of your air conditioning system, try to avoid these overwhelming troubles by scheduling air conditioning repairs on a regular basis. Just keep your air-conditioner maintained and you will not only save cash on energy but also extend the lifespan of the conditioning system, saving money on an early replacement.

An AC deserves a regular checkup to be sure it is operating at best efficiency. The best time to use all these tips is before the next cooling season begins.