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An air conditioning system is built to give comfort and to be able to maintain a moderate temperature level and add moisture for both small and ample space. These and more are the function of an air conditioner. Just like other appliances, the air conditioner can also break down. Most homeowners fail to service their air conditioners in an attempt to avoid spending on emergency repair cost; this is bad because regular maintenance is essential to prevent eventual breakdown. Lack of cleaning can lead to elements such as dirt, bacteria and dust getting into enclosed spaces through the duct this can lead to damage. All Week can help you with the cleaning and other services.

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It’s a nightmare when your ac unit starts malfunctioning or breakdown during the summer. Breakdown can be caused by lack of regular maintenance, dirt’s clogging, and other factors. The age of the ac system also matters. To avoid the frustrating situations, your system should undergo routine inspection and repair. If you are looking for a company to handle your repair, maintenance, replacement and installation, make sure you get an experienced, licensed and insured contractor to handle it for you. For all your HVAC needs contact All Week Service Company.

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