How To Troubleshoot AC Leaking Water

If water is heavily dripping or pooling at the base of the air handler this indicates:

  • A possible leak from one of the plastic pipes or tubes that carry it
  • a possible blockage in the water flow
  • the condensate pump may possibly not be working.

If your system includes an electric condensate pump make sure it’s powred.
Find out if the pipe carrying the water out has not come loose off the pump

If not it could be that either the tube or the pump is clogged, you can suck all the water of the tube using a wet-dry vacum, or replace the tube.
Test the pump by pouring water into its collector, if the ball float won’t rise and gets stuck, you may need to either clean or replace the pump, an hvac expert would advice you better.

If the pump runs but doesn’t empty; the ball-like check valve just before the discharge tube is probably stuck. Clearing the tube or replacing it with a new one may be necessary in this case.

If Ice is blocking the tube, clean or change your AC filters, If the filters appear to be fine, the air conditioner’s refrigerant supply is probably low, in that case you will need the help of an hvac technician.